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  Resource Links

Coughlin Associates provides you with the following industry links. These have provided useful and educational information to those in the industry.

  • Financial Planning Association- The Financial Planning Association fosters the value of financial planning and advances the financial planning profession.
  • David Drucker – David Drucker, CFP, is an experienced planning professional who writes and consults with financial planners on the concepts and practices of running a “virtual office.” Most of his ideas are applicable to investment advisors as well.
  • Epiphany Equity Research – Epiphany Research provides technical analyses of stock price trends to institutional investors. While Coughlin Associates focuses on company fundamentals, technical analysis is an important tool in helping to determine when to buy or sell a stock – or to tell you if fundamental research is missing something important!
  • La Jolla Economics – There are a myriad of economists out there, all with conflicting opinions, most of whom don’t express themselves very clearly. Coughlin Associates has found La Jolla Economics’ commentaries helpful over the years.
  • Captools Company – Coughlin Associates uses Captools Company for our portfolio manager workstation. It’s straightforward to use and we don’t have to custody our managed investment accounts with any one broker.


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