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The Company History
With over 30-years of investment management and research experience with such prominent money management firms as NationsBank and Bank of America, Barring formed Coughlin Associates in 2000.

Having spent his career as a senior investment executive, Barring saw an opportunity. At that time there was, and continues to be, a need for smaller investment firms offering individually invested portfolios to their clients, bolstered by higher quality equity research. Through the business model Barring developed, Coughlin Associates affords clients the ability to work with a highly experienced investment research team for customized investment research for a flat monthly retainer fee. This is extremely cost effective for firms when they compare the monthly retainer to hiring an investment professional on staff, and this provides a much higher level of investment experience and expertise than is normally available to smaller investment firms.

Through this business model, Barring has been able to work with various organizations and provide a disciplined investment process and ready access to senior investment professionals…All at a fraction of the traditional in-house expenses.



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